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 Sodapop128 mod/admin application (accepted)

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PostSubject: Sodapop128 mod/admin application (accepted)   Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:50 am

IGN: Sodapop128 Country/State:Kuwait going to move to canada Age:15 Explain why you want to be a moderator:I want to become a mod to help new people because throughout my two years of playing the game ive realised that new players need help a lot to get themselves started. also i would like to help with building thee server like adding to the spawn and other public structures we may build. Have you been a moderator or admin or even owner on another server Tell me about it:Ive been an admin on three other servers one is Dubaicraft creative server and know how to use worldedit and severel other mods that are used in different servers Time Zone:KSA How often do you play:I can play everyday Other info: When i first started minecraft i really appreciated when a mod helped me out and i know new players will appreciate it if a mod helps them out, thats what i want to do.
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Sodapop128 mod/admin application (accepted)
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