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 spudmonkey2 mod app

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PostSubject: spudmonkey2 mod app   Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:31 pm

1.IGN : spudmonkey2
Country/State: United States of America, Arizona

2.Age: 16

3.Explain why you want to be a moderator:I have been playing the server for just a couple days now and i cant stop its really enjoyable because there are not to many overwhelming plugins but there are fraction that i like it just a great server because so many now days stray away from normal survival and i have enjoyed it a lot

4.Have you been a moderator or admin or even owner on another server Tell me about it: My own private server thats it

5.Time Zone: gmt +/- 7 (i think I am not sure)

6.How often do you play: 3 to 4 hours i think.

7.Other info: I have some programming experience and made some mods for my friends in minecraft i am working on my first public release. Once i start looking into plugins i could probably make some custom plugins for the server.
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spudmonkey2 mod app
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