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 SuperScoperZ Mod Application!

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PostSubject: SuperScoperZ Mod Application!   Tue Jun 19, 2012 12:22 pm

1.IGN Country/State:
England FTW! Very Happy


3.Explain why you want to be a moderator:
I enjoy helping people! I am good with servers, and I know what is worthy of a (possible TempBan) or kick or mute! I am also a kind person, which will give people a good impression on the server!

4.Have you been a moderator or admin or even owner on another server Tell me about it:
You bet I have! I am Moderator on 2 servers. Admin on 1. Those servers are pretty big now.... When I started they weren't too big. So I can help this server more than those! I also helped design a few plugins... such as MobArena and even GroupManager/Essentials!

5.Time Zone:
GMT +1 (I think) It's London time DEFINITELY

6.How often do you play:
As much as I want.... Usually 20hours+ a week! (YES I'M A SWEATY NERD!) That is ALOT!

7.Other info:
I am helpful. I can also advertise the server and make it grow. I can help with plugin setup and recommend plugins... I can even make THIS SERVER it's OWN PLUGIN! (At a cost though!)
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SuperScoperZ Mod Application!
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